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LEGO® Storage Brick: Storage Boxes You Can Play With

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Life size LEGO® storage bricks are a fun way to organize your stuff. Aside from providing you with ample storage room, they are as functional as the LEGO bricks you loved when you were a kid. Stack them up and build something out of your playful imagination or stash them under the bed or table to tidy up your living space.

Officially licensed by our favorite toymaker in Denmark, these colorful storage solutions are shaped like LEGO building blocks. You can snap them onto each other to create giant LEGO structures. They’re perfect for the bedroom, study, and anywhere else that needs de-cluttering.

LEGO® Storage Brick LEGO® Storage Brick: Storage Boxes You Can Play With

LEGO storage bricks are formed out of durable, PVC-free plastic. They are made of food-safe materials so you need not worry when your toddler decides to chew on them like regular LEGOs. You can easily clean these bricks with soap and water. Lift off the top to reveal storage space for books, game DVDs, and of course your LEGO® sets. Mix and match the various sizes of these modular bricks based on your space and needs.

LEGO storage bricks come in three sizes – eight dots, four dots, and two dots – and the three standard LEGO colors of yellow, red, and blue. But if you buy them at Karmaloop, you have the chance to own special edition colors such as light blue, pink, and dark green.

LEGO Storage at

LEGO storage bricks are awesome space-saving solutions especially if you have kids and geeks in the house. Get them now at and enjoy fantastic savings!

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